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Google is more than just a search engine. Google Workspace for Education is a free product from Google for education with many applications for mail, calendar, chat and word processing.

Working with Google Workspace for Education offers schools many advantages: low costs, low maintenance and apps that can be reached from anywhere via a fixed computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Moreover, you can immediately create, share and edit files and Google has made special Privacy Agreements with your organization. As a result, you will not find any advertising within the environment and student data will not leak to other third parties.

Working in the Cloud with Google Workspace for Education enables time- and place-independent learning and is ideal for use within the classroom or walls of your school and beyond. To make this even easier, Google has developed Google Classroom for education. This allows you to easily get in touch with your students and organize digital schoolwork in a clear way!

After this course you will have a global picture of what Google Workspace for Education has to offer and you will have taken your first steps within this environment.

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